Wednesdays at 6:30PM

Lyle Asbill is leading a class on The Sermon on the Mount in the Friendship Room

All Sunday Morning Bible Classes begin at 9:30.

The Adult Auditorium class, taught by Lyle Asbill, is called "Living as Children of Light in a World of Darkness" and is also livestreamed on YouTube

Regina Hill is leading a group of ladies in studying “Good Boundaries and Goodbyes: Loving others without losing the best of who you are” by Lisa Terkeurst. 

This class is held in the Friendship Room.

Zander Faidley will be leading "Silence" by Shusaku Endo for New Adults in Room 501. 

Cradle Roll meets in Room 505 (directly behind the auditorium) and is for newborns to 18 months.

Ages 18 months through 2 years meets in Kid's Town Room 1

Ages 3, 4, & 5 years meet in Kid's Town Room 2

Grades Kindergarten through 2nd meet in Kid's Town Room 4

Grades 3 through 5 meet in Kid's Town Room 3.

Grades 6 through 12 meet in the Teen House.

If you are able, please do join us for in person Sunday Morning Bible Study.