The Dream Team

Here are the people that work in front of and behind the scenes. 

Feel free to contact them if you have questions!

CHurch Staff

  • Lyle and carrie asbill - senior minister

    I was born in Montgomery, AL at Maxwell Air Force Base as my father was serving in the US Armed Forces. I have lived in Alaska, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alberta, Canada, which is where my mother was from. I left Edmonton to attend Oklahoma Christian and graduated in 1982 with degrees in Bible and Social Work.

    I have been preaching for 24 years; 3 in Des Moines, IA, 13.5 in Grapevine and the last 8 in Naples, FL. Prior to full-time ministry I worked for 10 years in Oklahoma City in Commercial Real Estate and served as a deacon and part of a religious theatre group.

    I have been married to my wife Carrie for 31 years and we have 2 children; our son Christian and his wife Darcy and our daughter Baylee live in Tulsa, OK.

    I am very interested in foreign missions, having made one trip to Ghana, West Africa, three trips to Nicaragua, two to Moscow, Russia and more than a dozen to Ukraine. I taught at the Sunset Bible Institute in Donetsk for six years.   

  • Joey Kincheloe - Worship & Youth Minister

    Joey came to Southeastern in 2014. He has worked as both a youth and worship minister since he graduated from Harding University in 2003 (with a brief break to return to school). Joey and Janet were married (on the same day they graduated) in 2003 and have three children - Zoe, Samuel and Briele. 

  • Debbie McKee - Office Manager

    Debbie manages the office and coordinates the office volunteers at Southeastern. She also facilitates the church's financial bookkeeping. Debbie and Mark have two daughters, Erika and Jessika.

  • Carla Wright - Preschool Director

    Carla is the director of the Southeastern Preschool. She received her degree from Harding University. Carla has worked with the Preschool for over 25 years, twelve of which were spent teaching Kindergarten. Carla and John have three adult children Leah, Jacob and Amanda.

  • Sandy Cain - Assistant Preschool Director

    Sandy manages the financial bookkeeping for the Southeastern Preschool, as well as assisting the director. Prior to working in the office, Sandy worked for five years as Carla Wright's aide in Kindergarten. Sandy is married to George and they have three sons, four grandsons, and a granddaughter.