The Dream Team

Here are the people that work in front of and behind the scenes. 

CHurch Staff

  • Lyle asbill - senior minister

    I was born in Montgomery, AL at Maxwell Air Force Base as my father was serving in the US Armed Forces. I have lived in Alaska, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alberta, Canada, which is where my mother was from. I left Edmonton to attend Oklahoma Christian and graduated in 1982 with degrees in Bible and Social Work.

    I have been preaching for 24 years; 3 in Des Moines, IA, 13.5 in Grapevine and the last 8 in Naples, FL. Prior to full-time ministry I worked for 10 years in Oklahoma City in Commercial Real Estate and served as a deacon and part of a religious theatre group.

    I have been married to my wife Carrie for 31 years and we have 2 children; our son Christian and his wife Darcy and our daughter Baylee live in Tulsa, OK.

    I am very interested in foreign missions, having made one trip to Ghana, West Africa, three trips to Nicaragua, two to Moscow, Russia and more than a dozen to Ukraine. I taught at the Sunset Bible Institute in Donetsk for six years. 

  • Joey Kincheloe - Worship & Youth Minister

    Joey came to Southeastern in 2014. He has worked as both a youth and worship minister since he graduated from Harding University in 2003 (with a brief break to return to school). Joey and Janet were married (on the same day they graduated) in 2003 and have three children - Zoe, Samuel and Briele. 

  • Debbie McKee - Office Manager

    Debbie manages the office and coordinates the office volunteers at Southeastern. She also facilitates the church's financial bookkeeping. Debbie and Mark have two daughters, Erika and Jessika.

  • Julie Piersall - Preschool Director

  • Janet Kincheloe - Assistant Preschool Director