Southeastern has ministries in place to provide care, aid, comfort, education and edification for not only the members but people in the surrounding community as well as overseas.

Local evangelism ministry is focused on educational and  edifying activities and classes for our church, pre-school and surrounding community.

Pre-School: Our goal is to provide developmentally appropriate educational classes for each child in a safe, loving, Christian environment. Ages 6 weeks through 4 year olds.

Men's and Women's Ministries provide Bible Study, fellowship and service opportunities.

Visitor Visitation ministry is focused on providing a free gift   bag to 1st and 2nd time visitors with a follow-up via phone or email.

Hearts Still Growing: a Bible class, fellowship and service opportunities for our 'seniors'.

Children's Homes: serve as a safe loving environment for foster children.

Our Food Pantry provides free food for individuals in our community.

Grief Share: this follows a set program designed to walk people through the process of grieving and moving on after the death of a loved one.

Small Groups: 10-12 people gather for prayer, Bible study, spiritual support and fellowship.


Foreign Missions: We are fortunate at Southeastern to have members who have served as long-term missionaries as well as others who have made many short-term trips. They help provide much knowledge gained from their varied experiences. Foreign missions is overseen by a Committee of six. Our budget has remained unchanged for a number of years. Currently we provide significant support to four families. The countries involved are Honduras, Haiti, Zambia, and Rwanda. Mission Lazarus is overseen by Jarrod Brown in Honduras and Haiti. We have two families in Rwanda - the Schrecks and the Davenports. They both work with Kigali International Community School. Dr. Kent Brantly and family serve at Mukinje Mission Hospital in Zambia. (Kent 'grew up' at Southeastern and previously served in Liberia. He is the one very publicized when he returned from Liberia with Ebola five years ago. He was a tremendous witness for Christ on a national level.). Medical and/or construction teams made up of Southeastern members have served short-term in Honduras, Haiti, Kenya, and Tanzania, through the years. Other members have served in various locations. This is encouraged and financial assistance is provided.  

Domestic Missions: Domestic missions is overseen by another member and has a separate budget. Usually various ministers or ministers in training are supported. Teams from Southeastern have served in different locations in helping with disasters: for example the flooding involving the Houston, Texas area. A team has gone to provide vacation Bible school at a Hispanic church in Ft. Worth, Texas the last several years.


Frank Black - Chairman of Foreign Missions Committee