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Our History

The congregation can trace its history back to the 1920's and the Eastside Church of Christ, which was later named Irvington Church of Christ in 1937. The congregation moved to the current property in 1964 to have space to grow and to provide room to build several homes that could be used for children's homes as well church facilities and areas for sports and congregational fellowship. The congregation has a long history of love and care for children with their children's homes which later evolved into foster homes, and a pre-school that is well known and greatly appreciated in southeastern Indianapolis.

In addition, the congregation has an involved children's ministry as well as a strong youth emphasis. Southeastern also has a heritage in international missionary outreach in Africa, Europe, and Asia. We also make mission and service trips to Honduras, enjoying a long relationship with Mission Lazarus.

Southeastern has been blessed to have a long legacy of good preaching. Men like David Gaylor, Bob Herndon, and for the last sixteen years, Greg York, have been some of the outstanding preachers who have blessed us. In addition, the congregation is blessed to have David McElwain serve as a special focus minister who is passionate about the dis advantaged and about getting things done that are needed to move the congregation for ward. In addition, Joey Kincheloe is an outstanding worship minister (yes we have great singing) and youth minister. Our congregation is also blessed with Debbie McKee as office manager and coordinator of office volunteers. The pre-school is led by director Carla Wright and Sandy Cain serves as the assistant director. In addition, the church has a unique podcast and a good podcasting team that provides additional communication and spiritual enrichment for our congregation.